Why create multiple inboxes?

Creating multiple inboxes gives you the ability as a customer to organize conversations. As a customer, you will have a default inbox that will be done for you, and it will have either your company name or email. Customers that are on the startup, premium, and enterprise plans can create multiple inboxes.

Note: If it says your email as the inbox name, it doesn’t mean that conversation will go there, but rather that a company name was not provided when it was created. So no worries about this.  

To create another inbox, go settings -> app settings -> conversations -> Inboxes and see below for a visual of this.

Unless you create another inbox, all conversations will be routed to the default. The advantage of making another inbox is that you can tie it to a playbook, and as a result, the conversations from that playbook are routed to the inbox you specified.

For example, if you have playbooks for sales and marketing, it can quickly become a hassle if all are routed to one place. But if you create another inbox, then you can direct where you want those conversations to go. This reduces your team's time to spend searching because you provide visibility into the kinds of conversations occurring in those inboxes.

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