A quick overview of Domain Authentication

Domain Authentication or DKIM is crucial for a customer to follow up with a site visitor with an email associated with their organization. Essentially, DKIM is the identification process (tool) a customer has to go through to authenticate their organization's email and send follow-ups tied to their domain. If this is not done, then the email sent after a person leaves a conversation (if you have this activated) will come from Drift.com or go into spam because it is a forward-to address. When DKIM is correctly set up, your emails can come from [email protected] rather than the large jumble email created.

Why would I use it?

  1. If a customer emails the email address you have done a DKIM for, it will create a chat when the customer emails it.
  2. Deliverability is improved as email providers will see that this is a verified email, and as a result, it will prevent it from being marked as junk or spam because it is not coming from your domain.
  3. Your customers' experience will improve because the email will come from you instead of Drift, and as a result, that removes confusion.
  4. It is a security measure because it prevents someone else from passing as you because you have gone through the verification process.

Now what we know what you can follow the steps on this page to enable it: https://gethelp.drift.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019516813-Setting-Up-Email-Sending-Domains-DKIM-

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