How to record a Drift video

Drift video is a powerful tool to enhance further the interactions you have with your team, current customer, and prospects. The Drift Video extension (you can download here) makes it easy to share and record video and, as a result allowing you to create engaging and personalized video content.

Note: The following functionalities are available on all plans.

First, choose your video by clicking on the lightning bolt chrome extension, which will show you a model presenting three different video layouts.

You can record:

  • Screen & face
  • Screen only
  • Face only

Choose one of the options and then click Start Recording. If you select either screen only or screen & face, you'll then see a modal where you can choose if you'd like to share your entire screen, an application window, or an individual tab.

Once you've made your selection, click Share. You'll see a three-second countdown, and then your video will begin recording.

If you've chosen Face only, you'll be brought right to the countdown, and then your video will begin recording.

During recording

Once your video has started recording, you'll see a few things.

At the left of your screen, you'll see a status bar with your length of recording, the red recording symbol, a stop button, and a restart option.

You'll also see a bar appear at the bottom of your screen so you can stop sharing at any time. You can also choose to hide this bar.

When you're finished, use either the stop symbol or click Stop sharing. You'll be brought to a window where you can edit your videomake a gif, and more!

Have more questions about the video and what you can do with it? Comment below, and we look forward to collaborating with you.

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