How do conversation appear in Drift video?

One of the reasons that Drift is so useful is that it helps you interact with your customer in real-time to meet them there where they are. But did you know you could do this with Drift video too?

Note: This is available on all Drift video plans and you do not need a Drift chat account to use it.

Imagine this: You send a prospect a video to get their attention and tell them why they should be a customer of yours. Then you get a notification that your prospect is watching the video. You click the notification, and it opens a chat that allows you to chat with your prospect as they are watching your video. Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong. 

We know that you want to have conversations with prospects when they are most engaged. Since video is the most engaging tool to get your prospects' attention, we made it possible for you to have that conversation when they watch the video. We know you’re busy so we made it easy. 

Here’s how it works



  1. To get notifications when someone is viewing your video so you can chat with them, make sure to follow these steps to set up your notifications
  2. If you are experiencing any problems with your notifications, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue


  1. If you’re a Video only user, you will always get an email notification when someone starts a conversation with you, but not if they JUST view the video.
  2. If you have a chat seat, you can control your email notifications settings here.


1. Click on the Drift Video Extension. 

2. At the bottom of the pop-up, click Conversations 

3. You are then brought to your Drift Video Conversation Inbox! 

Here you can see all the past and present conversations started from your videos!

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