How to Manage Your Notifications for Drift Video

One of the coolest features of Drift is that you can know when a person is watching it live to allow you to engage when they have the highest intent. But you do not want to miss this opportunity to connect and for this reason, we have made this post.

Note: Notifications are available on all Drift video plans and don't forget to download the mobile app.

Within, your notification settings can be found at Settings > My Settings > Notifications, or, you can click here.

You'll want to configure your notifications to be any of

  1. Only conversations I'm [You're] in
  2. Conversations I'm [You're] in
  3. All conversations

You can choose to use different mobile notifications if you want, and for larger teams we recommend Only conversations I'm in.

Here is how it looks:

Note: You must have a notification preference alert set within the web app for mobile in order to get mobile notifications as well as having downloaded our mobile application.

How to adjust notification settings on mobile

In order to manage/snooze your applications from the mobile app, click on your avatar and then click Manage notifications.

From there, you can snooze notifications, toggle sounds, and change which conversations for which you're notified.

Have more questions about Drift video notifications on mobile? Pop them below and we would be happy to help.

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