How to Download the Drift Video Extension?

Have you ever received a Drift video? Or maybe you want to be able to send prospects a personalized message with a PowerPoint or a walk thorugh? Or maybe you just want to send thank you videos? All this more can be accomplished with Drift video and this is a walkthrough of how to download it.

In order to begin getting started with Drift Video, you need to first download our free Chrome Extension. Click here to download the extension from the Google Chrome Store. 

Click Add to Chrome.

You'll need to accept the permissions and then you'll see the installation complete. When it's done, the extension will occupy the space to the right of the URL field within Chrome! It will look a white lightning bolt around a blue background like this.

Click the installed extension and you'll be prompted to sign in with your existing Drift credentials or to create a new account. Once you're logged in and ready to record, check out our help docs about using Drift Video to get started. 

Not ready to download yet? Get more information about all the awesome features our Chrome extension offers here

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