How to Edit a Video

We have all been before as we just finished creating a Drift video masterpiece, but it took a bit too long to end the recording, and now we need to edit it. The good news is that this is available on all paid plans, and here we will cover how you edit them.

Trimming Your Video

Once you've created a video, you can easily crop it. When you're finished recording, you'll automatically be taken to the editing screen.

You can also edit your videos at any time by clicking a video within your recent videos in the extension.

Or, you can click Go to the library to access more of your videos.

Once you've selected the desired video, you can trim the video by clicking Trim video. Use the slider to select which portion of the video you'd like to include. When you're finished, click Save. 

Note: Trimming does not delete your video, which means you can re-trim or go back to the original version at any time!

Have more questions about editing in the Drift video? Ask below, and we would be happy to help.

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