How to create a Gif from Drift video

What is better than a video? Well, not much, but a Gif is close, which is how you do it with Drift video.

Note: this is available in Drift video plans!

From your libraryclick any video to be brought to the editing screen.

Click the ellipsis and then Create a standalone GIF.

You'll be brought to a screen where you can

  • crop the portion of the screen you'd like to capture
  • change the length of your GIF
  • set wherein the video you'd like your GIF to start and end

You'll see a preview of the GIF play on a loop according to the current settings. When you're finished, click Create GIF. 

Your GIF will live in your library under the GIF section.

You can also check out the full video on creating a GIF from your video here!

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