How to Set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

edited April 2021 in Settings

We want your Drift account to remain safe and secure so we do offer Two-Factor Authentication for all accounts, should you choose to enable it for your users. By doing so, it will require all users on the account to configure and use two-factor authentication when signing into their Drift account.

To enable this feature, from the left side bar, navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication. Click on the 'Activate Two-Factor Authentication' button and you will see a pop-up warning:

Select 'Activate' to continue enabling for all current and new users on your Drift account. Each individual user is responsible for setting up their personal two-factor authentication. Once activated, you will see this on your settings screen:

Any admin on the Drift account will have access to reset an account in the event that a user is locked out of their Drift account. If you select 'Reset an account,' you will be able to select a teammate from the drop-down menu and create a new password.

Once the user has logged into their Drift account, they will be prompted to set up the two-factor authentication again. Please note that you (an admin) can disable this feature at any time by selecting 'disable two-factor authentication.'