Advanced Widget Settings
edited April 2021 in Settings

There are many options to customize and edit your widget under settings -> Drift widget -> advanced. All of these settings are universal, meaning when they are toggled off it does not work anywhere in the account, when they are on they work everywhere in the account and cannot be limited.

Allow incoming attachments - This allows your site visitor chatting in to send attachments in their chats. Note* turning this setting off does not stop the site visitor from sending GIF's, they will still be able to send GIF's.

Allow outgoing attachments - This setting allows your teammates the ability to send attachments to the site visitor.

Show unread badge for first messages - Shows site visitors an unread message badge next to your bot it looks like this *note: turning this off could result in a decrease of engagement

Play sound for new messages - This plays the sound the site visitor hears when they land on a URL that has a bot attached to it or when the person they are chatting with responds.

Flash tab for new messages - This flashes (1) new message in the browser tab bar to grab the site visitors attention

Allow access to conversation history - Visitors will have the ability to see and chat back into previous conversations they had on your site that are still open. *note: if the conversation is closed or the site visitor comes in through an incognito window or a new cookie they will not be able to see the previous conversation history

Email follow up - If you're chatting with the site visitor and they accidentally close the tab and you sent a message that goes unread, Drift sends the site visitor an email (if they left their email somewhere in the conversation) to the site visitor allowing them to access and hop back into the chat or reply via email to the chat.

Lastly, if you're tech savvy and want to customize your widget, you can grab your widget API at the very bottom of the advanced settings list!