How to Install Drift on WordPress

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IMPORTANT: In order to install Drift on your WordPress account, you MUST be on the WordPress Business Plan.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin section, select the Add New screen under Plugins and search for Drift. (E.g. http://yoursitehere/wp-admin/)

2. Select the Drift WordPress plugin and click Install.

3. After installation find the Drift WordPress Plugin and click the Activate link.

4. Find the Drift plugin at the top of the screen, and it should show you the following:

5. You'll then want to paste the Drift widget code into the snippet section and save changes. You can find that code under the Javascript Install section.

6. To turn Drift Live on your site click Enabled in the drop down menu. If you don't want anything to appear on your site just yet, be sure to turn off your widget and your Playbooks respectively.

7. To allow Drift to recognize your logged in users, check 'Drift Identify'. What this does is enable the email addresses of people who are logging into your WordPress site to automatically pass into Drift.


Keep in mind that if you’re using a caching plugin in WordPress, it may take a few hours for the Drift widget to show up on your site. If it isn’t showing up, try clearing your cache and that should get it live. Let us know if we can help out!