Allowing Camera and Mic Permissions on Google Chrome

edited April 2021 in Drift Video
  1. Open your Chrome settings page: Click on the ellipses on the right-hand corner, and scroll down to the bottom and click settings.  Alternatively, Mac users can click Command + comma.
  2. Expand Advanced settings and select privacy and security.
  3. Expand site settings> Select a Camera
  4. Delete Drift Video from your allow list
  5. Repeat those same steps to set up your microphone.
  6. Open Chrome Manage Extensions page: Right-click on your Drift Video extension icon and select Manage extensions in the dropdown.
  7. Toggle the Drift Video extension off and on: Please note the extension is turned on when the toggle is Blue.
  8. Open a new site (e.g and click the Drift Video extension: This should prompt you to allow your camera and mic permissions again.
  9. Click ALLOW and RECORD! Happy Recording!