Allowing Camera and Mic Permissions on Windows

edited April 12 in Drift Video

Drift needs to have the correct permissions to the camera and mic on your device in order to create the high-quality videos that you're looking to send your prospects! 

Here are the steps to ensuring your camera and microphone permissions are set!

  1. Open your device Settings app: Use your windows Search feature on the bottom left-hand corner and type "settings".
  2. Click "privacy", you should land on the General Privacy settings.
  3. Under App permissions, choose "camera" make sure 1." Allow apps to access your camera" is turned on and 2. Google Chrome is listed.
  4. REPEAT Step 3 for Microphone set up
  5. Restart your Chrome browser (optional: Reset permissions on your Chrome browser.)
  6. CELEBRATE! YOU DID IT! Happy recording!
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