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Let's talk about our conversation report and the different sections underneath it! This is what you're looking for 😁 When we first open these reports we see a preselected date range (typically the last 7 days is autoselected) you can change this date range by clicking into the date range and selecting new dates. All of these reports also have the ability to filter in the right-hand corner to create a custom report use this button

First, we have chats. When we open this report we will see a snapshot of: the total number of chats that occurred during this time range in Drift, overall median conversation length, and the time of day we're seeing the most chats come in.

Below that, we will see a day-by-day breakdown of new chats (meaning the site visitors' first interaction with a human or bot) broken down by days in a line graph. We see two lines here, the second line is a comparison to the previous weeks or months data. You can export this report as a csv.

Moving down a bit we see another line graph for the overall median length of a conversation (conversations open to conversations close). This line graph also contains a second line for comparison of previous weeks or months data. Then we have the average conversations by time of day which shows the hours your bots are getting the most interaction.

Next, we have where our conversations starting from which shows the most common URL's the site visitors started their conversations from. Lastly, we have our how are conversations being tagged report. You can create tags in your settings under settings -> conversations and if these tags are used in your chats they will appear in this report! You can export both of these reports as CSV's as well.

Let's move into the next report, meetings. You have two tabs in this report, meetings by day and meetings by teammate. We're going to start with meetings by day! We have a meetings booked line graph that shows the total number of meetings booked for the selected date range including through profiles, drift links, bot conversations, or by a calendar drop. We have a second line graph here to compare previous data as well. Below that, you will see a snapshot of who booked a meeting with you most recently for that date range. You can export this report as a csv. This report includes the site visitors name, who they booked with, what company they are from, the date they booked, when the meeting is scheduled for, the source the meeting was booked on and the status of the meeting. Check it out here

Next, we're going to switch to the meetings by teammate tab. This is a top performers report to show who in your team is booking the most meetings

Lastly, we have the calls report. We have the same two tabs in this one, calls by day and calls by teammates. For meetings by day we have a very similar set up here, you will see a line graph with the total calls made in Drift and below that is a report for who you have called most recently.

For the calls by teammate we see a report of the teammates who are making the most calls.

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