How to share your Drift videos

Drift video is a powerful tool in your chrome extension toolbar as it allows you to record your screen, your screen & face, and your face only. Once you click to stop recording, the neat thing is that it auto-saves. (P.S. If you hit the pause button, it will not save, but rather it will allow you to continue to the video were stopped or start a new one entirely.

Now you may be wondering how do I share it?

You can easily share any video from a recording, from your library, or directly from the extension! Moreover, As soon as you finish a recording, we copy the video's link directly to your clipboard. You'll see a notification that looks like this.

You can now immediately paste it into an email, message, etc.!

Click on the extension, and you can easily share your recently recorded videos!

Clicking Copy will allow you to directly paste the video into an email, message, etc.!

From the Library

From within the Library, click on any video and click Copy Link and Gif in the right corner. You can also easily copy the link here as well!

Have more questions regarding how to share your Drift videos? Ask us below, and we would be happy to help you further!

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