Why isn't my Playbook showing on my site?

You have done the hard work of creating specific experiences for your site visitors and the pages they visit, but you do not see them showing up, and your curious as to what may be happening.

Let's go over the best ways to make sure your Playbook behaves as intended.

Remember to test your Playbook in an incognito window in the Chrome browser (Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows, CMD+Shift+N on Macs).

The bot is designed to recognize and cater to return visitors, so a fresh window is the best way to test your changes.

Let's take it to step by step, starting with the basics. 

1. Is Drift installed on your website properly? You can check these guides to make sure Drift is properly installed.

2. For Playbooks you've built previously, is your Playbook toggled on? From the Playbooks view, make sure you toggle your desired playbook to on.

3. Does your playbook have Priority? From the Playbooks page, make sure you set your desired playbook to have proper priority. Playbooks with the same targeting conditions will fire in order of priority.

4. Did you just switch pages? If you see one Playbook on your homepage, for example, and do not click or dismiss it, and navigate over to another page to see another Playbook, that first Playbook will stick around. You need to exclude the other page from your homepage bot to make sure it doesn't follow your site visitors. Any unread Bot Playbook messages follow people on your website by default.

5. Lastly, if you've just built a Bot Playbook, did you publish the Playbook? Once you've made your changes, make sure to publish it in the Visual Builder by hitting the "Publish" button and toggling the "Status" button! 

Cool! We've covered the first steps in making sure your Playbook is good to go. Let's move into more advanced territory. 


You can find in a conversation directly why a playbook fired by clicking show details where was it says site visitor was active on your site.

Now let's look at some of the likely culprits that could be preventing your Playbook from showing. 

Drift Hours

First things first. Did you set your Online Hours by setting Drift Widget Online / Offline Status to Automatic?

With that setup, you can now use Drift Online as a display condition for your playbooks so you can have different playbooks fire during your working hours and your offline hours.

The Display Condition will either be True or FalseTrue means Drift is considered online by your working hours. False means Drift is considered offline as you’re off-hours. 

URL Targeting

AND vs. OR: If you have two "URL is" conditions with the parameter AND between them, Drift will look for a website that is both URLs at once. That’s impossible!

Make sure to use OR to get a successful URL display condition for multiple pages.

Seconds on Page Less than X: While it may be tempting to use "Seconds On-Page Less Than X" to get that playbook firing quickly, it will only show the playbook for X amount of seconds before it shuts off!

Display Frequency

Lastly, check the Advanced Settings of the Playbook. Drift, by default, will be set to display until a visitor interactsonce per session (every 30 minutes).

Did you click your widget while testing? Its possible Drift is waiting to show up again based on these conditions. (That’s why it’s always good to test in an Incognito window)

Have more questions regarding why your playbook is not showing? Comment below, and we would be happy to help!