Reporting Overview

You can't wait to get your hands on the reporting power of Drift, but since you just started, there may not be enough data. However, let's dive into the reporting prowess at your fingertips.

We’ll briefly go over Site Coverage, Playbooks, Meetings, and Revenue reporting and link to more specific documentation about each type. 

Site Coverage Report 

Available for Pro, Premium, and Enterprise users.

The Site Coverage Report allows you to see how many of your visitors are using your playbooks over the past 7 days. This allows you to build playbooks for specific audiences and understand your site's most popular areas. To learn more about site coverage reports, click here

Revenue Reports 

Drift offers revenue dashboards and reports that are powered by our Salesforce integration. Below is a breakdown of the main revenue reports, to learn more about the revenue reports and dashboards, click here

Influenced by Drift Dashboard

This report gives an aggregate view of Drift Influenced Opportunities, Pipeline, and Closed won revenue.

Overview Report 

This report compares your aggregate Drift metrics to the rest of your Salesforce opportunities. From the overview report, you can click on three additional revenue reports: Pipeline, Closed won, and Sales cycle.

Pipeline Report  

This report shows Drift-Influenced opportunities across all stages. To access this report, click “Pipeline” under Sales Results in your Reports section. 

Closed Won

This report shows Drift-Influenced opportunities at the closed won stage. 

Sales Cycle 

This report shows the average days between Drift-Influenced opportunities’ creation and closure dates. 

Meetings Report 

With meeting reports, you can see which of your teammates is booking the most meetings over a customizable period of time and which companies are booking meetings with you! This data can be exported by clicking Export to CSV.

Playbook Reports 

For any Bot Playbook, we provide detailed reports and flow analytics so you can see how people are interacting with your Playbooks, how many people are clicking each button, and where people are dropping off in the flow. Within any Bot Playbook, click View Report

For more information on Playbook reports, click here

Conversations Reports

With Drift conversation reports, you can view powerful insights in the areas outlined below. To learn more about conversation reporting, click here

  • New conversations and conversations by the time of day
  • Where conversations are happening
  • Who is responding to the most conversations
  • How conversations are being tagged
  • Team performance
  • Routing rules

Happy Drifting, and if we can help further with reporting, let us know below as we would be happy to help.