Unique Ways to Use Drift Video

Drift Video opens a whole new world not only for communicating with your customers but for elevating your internal teams. Today, we will cover 3 unique ways that you can use Drift video.

1) Easily send video messages on LinkedIn

One of the coolest features of Drift video is that once it is downloaded all you have to do to record and send videos on Linkedin is by clicking on the prompt generated when you want to send a new message. This allows you to communicate immediately when you have received a message and want to reply back in a unique way with a video.

2) Replace meetings with guided videos that people can watch on their own time

Scheduling with 5 or more people can quickly become a task, especially if you have a high-priority project around the corner. But you still want to communicate with your team and provide a quick update, so here is where Drift videos come to save the day.

With your presentation uploaded on Google slides, select screen and face and now you can record a presentation while making it as seems as you were doing it in person.

3) Engaging with someone when there is intent

When someone starts watching your Drift video you will get a notification on your email or computer screen saying that the person is watching. Now you have a few options at your disposal such as jump into the conversation or sending a follow-up email.

What are other unique ways that you can use Drift video? Comment below as we would love to know.

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