Create Segments Based Off Playbooks Activity

Playbooks are powerful tools that can help you reach out to the right leads, in the right place, and at the right time.

However, sometimes leads site visitors don't end up interacting with your message. So you may want to take make the next interaction more personal by creating a new playbook based on their previous playbook actions.

We have created a simple way to identify these contacts. You can now create segments from your contacts page based off how your site visitors interacted with your Playbooks!

The use-cases for this feature are endless, from sending your blog newsletter emails after using the Playbook to re-targeting users who clicked on your Playbook on your pricing page but never sent a message!

Here is the run-through of how to do it.

1) Head to your Contacts section in Drift and click "Create Filter."

There are two types of filters you can add:

  • Attribute
  • Playbook Events

2) For this use case, choose "Playbook Events."

Once that is selected, you can customize which playbook you're referring to and what event you'd like to filter by. 

Based on the kind of Playbook you've set up, you will have the ability to create segments based on users who: 

  • Have received your message
  • Responded to your message
  • Opened your message
  • Dismissed your message
  • Gave their Email
  • Reached the goal associated with your Playbook

Note that not all Playbook activities will apply to all playbooks, even if they show on the list.

For example, The "Dismiss" action only applies to Slider, takeover, and blog subscriber Playbooks. 

You can add multiple filters using AND/OR conditions as well! 

Once you add all the necessary filters, you will want to save your Dynamic Segment and name it! 

Now you can use your new segment as a targeted account for a chat or email Playbook!

For more information on creating and targeting contact attributes, check our documentation here!

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Have more questions? Comment below, and we would be happy to help!