How does site visitor identification work?

If you're looking to understand how Site Visitor identification works and how to increase the number of identified video viewers, you've come to the right place. 

We identify anonymous site visitors in a few different ways. 

1. Our private video feature (Available for all paid video plans)

The viewer views a "private video" and confirms their email identity using any of the sign-in options on the video page. We can also confirm their identity automatically if they have the Drift Video extension installed. The privacy feature is available on paid plans and you can learn how to make your video private here. 

2. Our Drift Email extension (FREE for all video plans): 

If you'd like to identify viewers who are sent videos via Gmail, you can do so by using our Drift Email extension and sending them a tracked email. The extension is free and will identify any single recipient email. We cannot assume viewer identity for emails sent to multiple recipients for security purposes. You can install the Drift Email extension here. 

3. Our Outreach Integration (Available for video customers who are also on the Drift Chat Professional plan)

If you'd like to identify viewers who are sent videos via Outreach, you can do so by using our Outreach integration. The integration will automatically identify anyone who receives an Outreach email and clicks on a video link. You can learn more about our Outreach integration and how to turn it on here. 

4. Our Clearbit Intel integration (Available for video customers who are also on the Drift Chat Premium plan + Clearbit Reveal add-on)

The Clearbit reveal add-on will help you identify people whose emails you don't have. It uses reverse IP lookup to reveal the company name of the person viewing your video & will identify viewers using their company name without any additional steps required from you. 

Have more questions about site visitor identification? Comment below and we would be happy to help!


  • Hi, can you help me to implement properly signed identities calls.

    currently, I m facing an issue within.

    Case: I m following this

    but I thinking I m dropping something. I set signed identity configuration settings set Required and generate JWT using a secret key and payload and passing in the mentioned method but drift with not create contact with secure layer

    drift.identify(userId, {}, { userJwt })

    Vanularberlty is if pass user detail through the script var like email and name in 2nd param. So some of the login-in users will manipulate the script var they are able to change the user identity.

    your support is highly appreciated

  • Hey Sajid!

    Hope you are well and thank you for your question! It looks like you have implemented Signed Identities and it does not appear to be working as expected. I can see you have a ticket with our Support Engineer (reference: 84999), they will update you and work with you on this 😁. Let me know if you have any further questions!

    Ruhena- Drift Support ⚡️