Frequently Asked Questions for Drift Video Beginners

We have compiled some of the frequent questions you can have when you first start using the Drift video!

What happens when someone messages you and you're not online?

You will receive an email with the chat message and have the option to reply to their message right from the email. You can also reply to them later, and if they have left their Email in the chat, it will forward to them.

Is the Google extension a separate installation process? Or does it get installed when you install the main app?

Yes, the Google Chrome extension is separate from the webapp ( that uses your Drift Video account.

What's exactly is the Chrome extension, what if I want to install that as well?

The Chrome extension is a great time-saver, and allows you to record without having to go to first. You'll find the link to download and install right here!

How can I get this on my phone? I don't see it on any app store.

The app currently is only available for iPhone users at this time. Just search for Drift Video in the App store, or; if you're reading this page on your phone, you can just click this link here.

What level of contact does someone have to be for you to use this on LinkedIn?

For you to send a Drift Video to someone on LinkedIn, they'll need to be a 1st Degree connection. You can read more about LinkedIn connections here.

How do you tie the responses you receive in Drift back to the emails that were sent in Gmail?

When someone chats into your video, Drift sends you an email notifying you of the chat and gives you the ability to reply to the chat right from the email.

Don't see your question answered above? No fear. Comment below, and we would be happy to help.

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