"Chrome doesn't allow recording on this tab"

Similar to other recording tools, Drift Video can only record videos on HTML web pages.

While you click the extension to start getting to record, Drift adds our own code to the HTML page you have open to record the screen. 

That said, you may have run into the following message when trying to record a video on desktop:  

When you see this message pop up, the page you're on is likely part of the Chrome application and not a web page! 

Since these pages are not part of the web and are just application pages, they do not have any code to display, and Drift Video cannot inject our own code into the page to start recording. 

Note: Web page URLs will start with https://

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check that you're on the most recent extension version (click here to go to Chrome web store
  2. Open a new tab and try to record on drift.com
  3. Restart Chrome (you can reload your tabs when you re-open Chrome!)
  4. Log out and log into your extension.  

 Still experiencing issues with video? Comment below, and we would be happy to help.

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