How to Change the Prioritization of the Round-Robin Calendar

Drift is always focused on enabling your teams to succeed by connecting site visitors to the appropriate team member, whether in routing or scheduling. When it comes to a site visitor scheduling a meeting with both prioritization can be done in two ways.

Note: Choosing which prioritization you want for your team is available on the premium plan and above.

When a prospect books a meeting through the bot, Drift knows it’s essential to select the right rep to handle the meeting request. For most sales teams, prioritization is done in one of two ways:

  1. Fair distribution is prioritized -- rep selections are made to ensure meeting requests are as evenly distributed as possible across a team or pool of individuals. Once the rep is selected, the prospect can choose a mutually agreeable time to meet.
  2. Speed and buyer experience is prioritized -- the prospect selects the time that works best for them, after which a rep is chosen who shares that availability. If multiple reps are available, then the selection is made for fair distribution.

Drift defaults to the first option in a standard routing setup, but users on the Premium plan or above can choose to prioritize Speed for any round-robin routing situations where a meeting is booked. Admins can turn this setting on by going to their organization’s meeting settings and checking the appropriate box.

Note: Some customers still utilizing legacy versions of our Drift Widget will not be able to see this option as it isn’t supported in older versions. If you subscribe to a plan that includes this feature but cannot see this setting, contact your Drift Account team to ask about upgrading your Drift Widget to benefit from all our latest features and functionality!

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