How to change your camera and microphone in the Drift Video Chrome extension

Xan Liuzzo
edited April 2021 in Drift Video

Drift Video automatically defaults to your computer's built in camera and microphone but you do have the ability to change those. To do this, start by navigating into the Drift Video Chrome extension. Then, select the gray "show advanced options" text:

Once you do that, the advanced options will expand and you will see the option to change the microphone and the camera being used to film your Drift Videos:

Keep in mind that if you don't have any other connected cameras or microphones on your device you won't see the option to change them here. In the example above, I was only given access to change my microphone because I don't have any external cameras connected to my device at this time. If you do, you should see a 'camera' option there as well.

Once you've chosen your preferred camera and microphone, you can start filming your videos!