Saved Replies vs Quick Replies

edited April 2021 in Settings

If you have frequently asked questions, taking the time to write out the same response can take valuable time away from your team. We created saved replies to save time and create a streamlined process for the team to respond automatically. Please note saved replies are currently available on our Premium and above plans. 

To create and manage your saved replies, navigate to Settings > App Settings > Conversations > Saved Replies. To add a new saved reply, simply click on the blue 'New Saved Reply' button. 

Once selected, a new pop-up will appear where you can name and compose your saved reply. Once you have composed your message, click 'Save' to save your reply.

You can edit or delete these replies at any time from this setting. You can also view the current list of your replies, as well as when it was last used. 

To insert your Saved Reply into a conversation, simply click the + bar in the composer bar and select 'Insert Saved Reply.'

A pop-up will appear with the list of the saved replies created in your Conversation settings. Select the reply you want to send or search by keyword (if you have many replies). You can also select 'New Saved Reply' and compose a new reply directly from the conversation. 

Quick replies, on the other hand, are replies that can be added from the new conversation view / desktop app in the Preferences settings. In the conversation view, go into the Drift Logo at the top > Preferences > Show Quick Replies.

Once this is enabled, you will see message suggestions above the composer bar to select based on what the site visitor replies. You can select a suggested message to send to the site visitor by clicking the message. These messages are automatically generated and cannot be customized at this time. To turn off this setting, just disable the 'Show Quick Replies' settings in your Preferences.