Free Account Here: Is it expected that when I respond to chats under All Conversations...

Free Account Here: Is it expected that when I respond to chats under All Conversations it will not show under My Open Conversations? I thought once I respond to an open chat it will automatically show up in My Open Conversations so I know which ones I have already responded to.

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  • Hi there @Forthewingz com 👋 I'd be happy to help you out here.

    All conversations that you are actively in should be showing under both your "My Conversations" and "All conversations" sections. I looked into your account on my end but saw conversations populating under "My conversations." If you are still not seeing this on your end, I recommend trying the following steps:

    1. Log out of Drift and Clear your browser cache
    2. Log back into Drift

    You should then see any active conversations that you are a participant in under "my conversations"

    Please let me know if you continue to experience any issues with this, I would be happy to help.

    Brenna - Drift Support ⚡️

  • [email protected]

    Would logging out of Drift & logging back in, cause the user to loose any active conversations they are a participant in?

    Thank you for your response.

  • Hi @[email protected] 👋

    No, logging out of Drift will not close any active conversations. However, it will cause you to become inactive in the conversation, so if you have the "auto-close after a period of inactivity" toggled ON in your advanced conversation settings (found here) Conversations would eventually close out if you remain inactive. If you have this setting toggled OFF, your conversations would remain open, even after logging out.

    You can fully close out a conversation by selecting "close" or "close and leave" within the conversation view.

    Let me know if you have any questions on this!

    Brenna - Drift Support ⚡️

  • Hi Brenna,

    Thanks for your response on this.

    I'm only experiencing this issue on Chrome. The active conversation I am a Participant in will not show in My Open Conversations. But when I checked on Edge, it is showing there.

    I have done the troubleshooting steps above.

    1. Logout from Drift.
    2. Clear cache and cookies.
    3. Log back in Drift.

    Please advise.

    Many Thanks,

  • Hi @[email protected]

    Thanks for your patience while I looked into this! It looks like what is happening when you view the conversation in Chrome is you are viewing it as if you are logged into the "bot" and not yourself, which is why there are not any conversations listed under "my conversations". Can you please try logging out of chrome and logging back in under your email [email protected] in chrome?


    Brenna - Drift support