Welcome to the Drift Developer Community!

This section of our community is here to bring you all together to ask questions, share insights and get help with any custom development needs with Drift.

For those of you coming from our Slack workspace, thank you all for being a part of growing our developer community with Drift. We are excited to continue to find more ways for you to connect and get answers with other folks interested in building on top of Drift, including ways to ask Drift questions directly.

Along with access to this dedicated space, you will also have access to other content in our community that could help you scratch that creative itch and find new solutions to integrate with Drift.

In addition, we have created a dedicated forum for asking developer questions that need some Drift expertise. You can email [email protected] and get access to our technical support team to help answer your questions.

Last, we have updated our developer documentation and are starting to add tutorials and guides to help you along in your journey.

Thank you all for being part of our growth and continuing to support Drift and one another 🙏