How to give your bot a personality!

See your brand come alive is one of the coolest things about setting up Drift for the first time, it can be exciting to create a bot mascot that will be the face and voice of your brand on your website. 

Some customers like to keep it simple and use their company name + bot as the name of their Driftbot (we did the same 🙈).

Other's like to use their surroundings, and honestly, you cannot go wrong with pets.

Other examples include

Plus a punny one too

One thing that we would suggest:

Please do not use a human face or image if you’re not going to be routing in a person. From a customer experience perspective, this could be confusing and a negative experience to have users think they’re speaking with a person when no human will actually participate in the conversation. 

Will having a fun bot image increase conversions? 

We ran a test on this theory, changing up our bot image to see if one design or another increases conversion rates, and the test came back inconclusive, meaning we did not see a tie to conversions and the bot image itself. 

However, we always see a direct impact on copywriting and engagement rates. If your bot copy is not engaging, then people won’t want to engage with you! For some tips on how to create a more engaging bot opener, check out this blog post! 

Have more questions on how to give your bot personality? Comment below and start a discussion!