Learn from TWO professional athletes

So I may or may not have peeked at the transcript from Drift’s June 9th, Virtual Showcase 👀 

Here’s what I saw 🤯

“Find a true passion and love for things that you're doing that keep pulling you through times where you're not performing.”

The whole conversation was filled with life lessons in goal-setting, failure, and pursuing your dreams. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention who was chatting...

Danica Patrick, the world-record holder for most top-10 finishes of any female in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2015, and seven-time top-10 finisher.


Maggie Crowley, 2006 Winter Olympic Speed Skater and Product Manager here at Drift.

Reserve your free ticket now to see the full interview.

See you there 🚀

- Ashlyn

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