How do I limit contact responses to numerals?

In our playbook we ask the question, how many people work at your company? This response is held in the field Employees and then is mapped over to SFDC. However the SFDC employees field only accepts numeric values (ie. "5000" instead of "five thousand"). How can I make sure the contact responds using numerals so that the value will map over to SFDC correctly? Are people transforming their values within Drift? or are you dumping the values into a helper field in SFDC and then transforming there?


  • Hi there, Community Drifter!

    Chelsey, here, from Drift Support 👋 Thank you so much for reaching out. 

    I would recommend having site visitors select a button response with a numeric value that will then map over to the Employees attribute as a numeric value, instead of allowing them to type a response. You could also utilize Drift Intel which is collected as a numeric value.

    Here's a link to the help doc that addresses mapping Drift attributes for your review!

    If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to us at [email protected] This will create a ticket with our Support Team where we can work with you more directly on your specific request.

    Thanks for posting!

    Chelsey from Drift Support⚡️