Ticket creation skill

If you have ever been curious about if Drift can set up tickets for your company through a playbook flow, I have some fantastic news for you!

All you will need to do to achieve this is firstly go to your Bot Settings Page. From there you are going to navigate to the bottom of the page and locate the "Help - article lookup and ticket creation section". We have 2 ticket options for you to either link with a Zendesk account or to set up a direct Support Email of your choosing. (Sidenote: you can enable this to allow customers to submit tickets via a welcome message as well by enabling the option below the selection for which ticket system you'll use.)

After your ticket system is all set up you will want to go into the desired playbook you want to add a Ticket Creation Skill to. From there you'll find the area in which you wanna add it & hit the circle "+" button. Navigate to "view all" and it will pop up at the bottom with a bunch of different skills/nodes. Locate the Ticket Creation Skill and hit the "+" button again in the corner of the skill.

It will populate the skill into your bot flow and from there you will want to create different paths for if a ticket was successfully created or not.

When that is finished you'll just finish by hitting publish and be good to go!!

If you have any questions about the ticket creation skill please feel free to comment below. We are happy to help.👇👇