How do I download the playbook flow?

The ability to download your playbook flow test is available to all users on our Enterprise plan.

If you are currently on this type of plan, you will be able to download it by going to the playbook page by clicking on the face or direct link here:

Once you are on this page, click into the playbook you want to download the text for and then click on the Bot flow tab, and you will see the icon to download your bot text on the right-hand side.

Below is a screenshot for reference on how to download the text once you are in the playbook bot flow.

Your bot text will be downloaded as a CSV in a Zip file.  

A powerful use case for this is when you want to update your playbooks or report on what's on your bot, as then you can then share this for feedback outside of Drift.

Have more questions about the download playbook bot flow feature comment below!