Can I merge Two Accounts?

Creating a free Drift account is an exciting first step in seeing how you can engage visitors in real-time to offer incredible experiences across their buyer journey. However, while you are testing it out, your company may create its own Drift account, and you may find yourself unable to join it because you already have an account.

Thus, your question maybe can I merge the two accounts, meaning the one you have already created and the one you are creating for your company's Drift?

At this time, we are afraid to say no 🙈 as we do not have the functionality to merge two separate Drift accounts together into one.

So what can we do?

First of all, do not worry as you will not be locked out of your company's account forever. You can either reach out to us so we can guide you in deleting it and the next steps, or you can the steps in this article.

The good news is that this is a super quick process, and you will be qualifying and capturing leads in no time after we go through the steps above.

Note: You can only have one email associated with ONE Drift account. If you are looking to create multiple Drift accounts, they all need to be under different emails. 

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