How to load Drift without setting cookies prior to user consent?

If you require consent from everyone in the privacy settings:

It seems that drift will always set cookies, even prior to the consent:

Is there a way to load drift chatbot and show the user consent when the user clicks on it but never set cookies prior to such consent?


  • Hi there, Community Drifter!

    Chelsey, here, from Drift Support 👋 Thank you so much for reaching out. 

    I understand that you are wondering if Drift drops a cookie before users accept consent and if that is a feature to "turn off," which I'm happy to help with.

    Drift does drop a cookie before a user accepts consent. However, this cookie does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information.

    It is possible to make the initial load of Drift a function and wait to call that function until you have visitor consent. You don't have to load Drift (and its cookies) before consent is accepted. This comes with a variety of other considerations around site experience and performance, but is a viable option. 

    You can find out more about Drift's security and privacy policies and procedures here.

    Thanks for posting!

    Chelsey from Drift Support⚡️