Can Drift identify a user from Integrations BEFORE chatting?

I'd like to know if it is possible to customise a chat based on if the user information is already on Salesforce/Clearbit/Pardot/Marketo/Hubspot.

Ideally, the user information is "cookied" using any of the integrations listed above. From there you would already know who the user is before approaching them and speaking to them via Chat Bot / Live Chat.

For example, a cookied client lands on homepage - automates a client chat bot to speak to the client about their account. And then if a new lead (not cookied) lands on the homepage, a different sales chat bot pops up to book a demo meeting or show case studies.

From what I've read, Drift needs the email address in order to identify if the prospect is on Salesforce AFTER the conversation has ended, but I would like to know if Drift can identify the prospect BEFORE the conversation has started to show a specific, personalised bot.


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    Sorry, I got impatient so the answer is here.

    Yes! Essentially, Drift Intel ( takes the visitors IP address, uses data enrichment technology to understand which company is associated with that IP, and then enriches "firmographic data" such as company name, tech stack, industry, employee count, etc.for B2B's this empowers our sales team with powerful insights and contributes to our ABM strategy

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