¿Por qué no aparece el icono del chat después de haber seguido todos los pasos de la instalación?

He realizado la instalación de las 2 maneras posibles, introduciendo el código en wordpress como gancho. Viendo que esto no funcionaba. Instale el plugin y pegue el código. Y tampoco funciona. No aparece el icono del chat. ¿Cuál es el problema? ¿Cómo lo soluciono? Gracias


  • Hey Emma!

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with installing Drift on your site. In order to install Drift using wordpress please follow this community article with step by step guide on how to do this, rather than installing it as a hook😁. If you tried all these steps listed when using the Wordpress Plugin, can you clear your browser cache and see if this shows on your site?

    I would also recommend checking to see if your Drift Widget is visible on your site, you can check this by heading to Settings -> App Settings -> Drift Widget -> Drift Widget Icon visibility in your Drift instance! Let me know if this helps, or if this is still not working on your site please link your site here so I can dig further into this.

    Ruhena- Drift Support ⚡️

  • I cleared the cache. Even disable the "LiteSpeed Cache" plugin. I have followed all the steps. Visibility is enabled on my website. I even tried installing another chat. To see if the problem is about my website. I have installed another chat "Tawk" and it works perfectly. This chat has an installation similar to "Drift". Which means that I do the installation process well. So the problem must be something else. Also clear the cache. I do not understand what is wrong. I think I have done all the steps correctly. I add the link to my website so that you can investigate what the problem is.

    We site: https://www.pararodajes.com/