Have you gone totally formless? What's been the impact? If you haven't what's stopping you?

I help clients build out their Drift instances and optimize their playbooks everyday. When I bring up that they should get rid of all their forms and just use Drift, I often get some push back. I find they are worried for one reason or another. Often it is about capturing the right data, about an integration, or they are scared that if they ungate their content they might not get as good results.

Curious what your experiences has been with ungating content


Why you are not willing to ungate your content and what your concerns are

If you want to see a cheeky ungated piece of content that uses conversational content you can check it out here (it is a bot that talks about ungating content using Drift! Enjoy!) https://cool.drift.click/conversationalcontent


  • Form vs. Drift --- that makes total sense. BUT, I'd argue that using Drift in this context is still gating content (just a better/easier/streamlined gate)

    That aside... to your question about 'why you aren't willing to ungate'.... I think this has to do with organizational realities. For better or worse, we (many) live in an MQL/SQL world... while ungating makes perfect sense (IMHO) and respects the true customer journey... Sales wants leads... which means marketing must gate. No gate = no lead = no sales love.

    yes yes… you can argue ABM, pipeline, attribution... etc. etc. BUT, very often the 'realistic' (whether appropriate or not) measure for marketing is leads. The account/pipe goes to sales (regardless of mutli touch attribution arguments).

    And so that's why we gate (even if it's against our better judgments).

  • Hey @Roger Lall !

    Interesting points. I think you could consider a Driftbot as another way of gating, "I'll give you this if you give me that." but in fact it's both. It does offer a low friction gate, but the point is to not stop there. That example @[email protected] shared is really great, because it walks you through how to keep people engaged with your content even if they don't give you an email. And that is key. Keep your visitors engaged with your content keep them coming back for more and eventually they'll be quoting your content at cocktail parties.

    By ungating your content you create an opportunity to develop trust with your visitor, and give them time build a rapport with you via your content. That trust and familiarity will definitely give you an advantage when that person is in fact ready to dive in.

    Overcoming "organizational realities" is definitely a big challenge, it's what I think of as the "marshmallow test." That test is essentially, "I will give you one marshmallow now, but if you wait 15 minutes I will give you two." The gist being deferred gratification leads to greater rewards.

    We've seen lots of people literally A/B this idea and those that wait always see greater rewards.

    You say, "And so that's why we gate (even if it's against our better judgments)." I say trust your gut!

  • Love your response Matt - it is incredibly important to highlight the conversational aspect of the bot. While the person engaging with the bot may not be interested in giving you an email, simply asking them questions, and helping them answer those questions with your content is key to building trust.