Receive an email for every new user's message


I would like to receive an email for every new user's message. The problem now is that if I have my Drift opened in the browser, I don't get the email. I know it's a feature, but can I shut it down and get an email no matter I have Drift open or not?


  • Hi Samuel,

    Thank you so much for submitting your question!

    When it comes to email notifications, you can receive an email every 15 minutes for all conversations. To turn this on, go to your notification settings by clicking on your picture in the bottom left corner and then navigate to "Notification Settings". You will see a setting for email notifications, just make sure to choose "All conversations" from the dropdown menu.

    We have a great help doc that goes over how notifications in Drift work - I highly recommend taking a look at it as it does a great job of explaining when notifications get sent.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Natalia from Drift Support ⚡️