Recording Audio Automatically

Firstly, your support is ridiculous. Why do you even give me a bot in your product if it's going to create a ticket, just to automatically close it, because I'm a free-member. I understand giving us only access to the community section, but that is a horrible user journey. Just don't even give us access to the bot and tell us to come here....(silly)

But anyways, back to the real issue. Why can I not select "don't record audio" anymore in the add-on? I have to record the video - with audio - and then go to "EDIT VIDEO" and remove the audio before sharing the link. Maybe this was a feature upgrade? But just wanted to check if it's expected behaviour?


  • Hey Trevor! My sincerest apologies for the frustrations - please let me know if there's anything I can do to help, and I'll make sure this feedback is passed along to the rest of the support team.

    Currently, the steps you outlined above are the only option that allow you to not include audio on a video by default (outside muting your mic when a video starts). I'll make sure this feedback also gets passed along to the appropriate product team - would you be able to share a use case with me?