Did Drift just make a change from 100 character openers to 44?

On one of my brand new instances... the bot will only show 44 characters instead of the full 100 in the initial opener... additionally there is no option to change the size of the bot window anymore in settings...

44 instead of 100 characters will highly impact the engagement on openers negatively... I am being told by CS that this is a product change and not a bug. Can we opt out of this change?

Thank you for your help @Colleen Koslosky @Mark Kilens

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  • Ben Gardner
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    Hey Eliav 👋,

    Ben here, Head of Customer Support. Thanks for raising this question! The reason behind this is that we are releasing a new widget aimed at enhancing the performance against SEO, reducing load time and several other improvements. This has been released currently for all new Free Users, as Free plans do not utilize bots. As this account upgraded and now has access to bots, the team is looking at updating the opener limit. Our product team is working to fix this in the v2 Widget in the near future 💪

    Thanks again for posting this 🙏

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