Integrate chat inside Userpilot resource center

I'm trying out Drift as a support chat platform in my SaaS website, and I would like to integrate the chat inside my Userpilot experience which I already have, instead of having a separate button / experience for Drift. I understood from Usetpilot support that this is possible. However, I'm unable to find any information on the Drift website or dashboard on how to do it, nor am I able to open a support chat or contact anyone that can help me with this onboarding request. What can I do?


  • Hey there!

    There are definitely options to launch Drift using customized buttons and interfaces, and the easiest way to do that would be via Driftlinks (which are available on higher-tiered paid plans):

    Additionally, if you're looking to launch Drift in-app, there's customization options available that you can (such as customizing the JS installation code). We're unable to help with this directly in Support, however you can contact your account manager to inquire into Drift Professional Services to aide!