Hey B2B marketers....Brand vs Demand Gen?

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Brand vs Demand Gen....Okay so Drift smash both these strategies 🙌, but as a small marketing team who know the power of both, we have to choose our battles. Any B2B marketers out there have stories of success from prioritising one over the other?


  • Depends on how good you are at building chatbots and and conversational content. I just built one for a client today. They are crushing it and it is a PDF. They have a site as well, but we are pushing all traffic to the conversational content bot and conversational video.

    If you are going to have anyone go to your site. You'll want to also make sure that your brand is consistent with your bot. Here is a link to a video that explains building branding into your bot. It's on the most recent Drift blog you can find here. Check out #6..."you bot doesn't reflect your brand". https://www.drift.com/blog/why-people-leave-chat/

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Hey Lucy! I can hear everyone at Drift collectively saying the same thing in my head right now: BOTH! (And immediately also collectively groaning because we've heard BOTH so many times 😂)

    Of course, that's not the answer you're looking for but when you have a small team, you have to be scrappy sometimes. I wasn't here in the early days of Drift but from what I understand we focused on big brand plays that we knew would also generate interested people (MQLs). Do you have anything in your arsenal that has brand power AND lead gen power?

    Hope this helps!


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