Drift app can not get authorized on my cloudflare website

I have installed the Drift app on my Cloudflare website socialpost.ai

I tried to log in and authorize the Drift app but the authorization window is not loading the login page:


1908×940 126 KB

I have contacted the Drift live chat and they could not get it fixed. I suggest either removing this app from Cloudflare or fixing it, please. There is no use in having a broken app on the Cloudflare marketplace.



  • Hi there, Community Drifter!

    Chelsey, here, from Drift Support 👋 Thank you so much for reaching out. 

    I understand that you're struggling to Cloudflare authorized and up-and-running.

    Does Cloudflare have a strict CSP that may be causing conflict with the installation? If they have a strict CSP we have some information here that might be helpful to review. You may also need to whitelist some domains (also mentioned in that linked document) within Cloudflare to allow for the script to load properly. But as far as we know, Cloudflare will not inherently block Drift completely.

    If it is the dev.drift.com site you are struggling with, please simply try logging out and logging back in.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to us at [email protected] This will create a ticket with our Support Team where we can work with you more directly on your specific request.

    Thanks for posting!

    Chelsey from Drift Support⚡️