Community and Customers, we're here for you.

To Our Drift Community and Customers,

We've had a lot of conversations this week with customers about change and uncertainty.

We're starting this thread in hopes of helping connect this community of amazing Marketers to share what they've been doing, so we can learn from and lean on each other. Here are the 2 questions we're hearing most frequently from customers:

  1. How are you augmenting your demand strategy?
  2. Are you running virtual events? If so, what is your playbook?

What else? How can we help? We are all ears, and have our entire team on standby to help answer your questions!

Stay healthy & safe -

Julie Hogan - VP, Customer Experience


  • Hey everyone! Sammi from the Drift team here :)

    As Julie mentioned, many companies are having to augment their event/demand gen strategy and moving to hosting digital events. Here are a few ways you can use playbooks to continue to have conversations with site visitors you were going to talk with at in person events.

    Situation: You were going to be at an in person event another company was hosting, that now has been moved or cancelled. If you have the list of leads/registrants, upload that to Drift and greet them with messaging such as:

    Hey [company name] Sorry we won’t get to meet in person at [event name], but want to get connected virtually to us now?

    Situation: You were going to hold an event, but have moved that to being a virtual summit. Put Drift on your reg sign up or virtual summit landing page with messaging such as:

    “Hey [company name] Thanks for checking out our virtual summit. Our team is available to meet with you now - want to get connected?”

    Situation: You were going to hold an event, but have postponed or cancelled it. Use Drift Bot as an FAQ to keep questions about this away from your sales reps. You can add this to your catchall playbooks with a button response like: “I have a question about [event name]”

    In email outreach - Use Drift Video to send a video message with chat on the side. Reps can leverage video to send messages of what they would have chatted about in person and then get the conversation rolling virtually!

  • this is amazing Julie and Sammi.

    as I help promote our upcoming virtual event RevGrowth, I am making sure to highlight the value the event will bring to those who choose to attend. we are ensuring that the quality of the event is as much like an in person event as possible. although times are hard, we cannot sacrifice coming together, learning, and collaborating.

  • We put together a post on how to optimize your playbooks for right now here: and will be publishing more content with actionable steps in the coming days.

  • Sarah, I love the idea of having a launch party! That is exactly what people are looking for right now. A way to safely attend events, think and talk about something positive, and simply have fun.

    That is exactly why TikTok is blowing up. We have time, we want to use that extra time to do something fun.