Has anyone used Drift SparkToro?

Hello Everybody

I have a small startup. I am an online rug retailer. My firm introduces new and traditional design handmade rugs. I have a small startup. I am an online rug retailer. We aim to make people's living spaces more beautiful with our rugs. We also want to contribute to reviving the traditional art of rug making. Our collection is amazing, and it has something for everyone's taste. However, I know no firm can do good without proper marketing strategies. Some fellow entrepreneurs suggested I hire a marketing firm or consultancy.

So I started searching for marketing firms for my startup and heard some good reviews about Drift. Drift is a digital marketing agency specializing in developing and executing creative content marketing campaigns. The Drift team deeply understands how to create content that resonates with audiences, engages customers, and drives results. Their process starts with understanding the client's business goals and objectives and developing a content strategy that aligns with them.

However, before making any final decision in hiring their services, I want to ask a few things about Drift.

Has anyone used Drift SparkToro?

In the free plan, how many visitors can see a Drift chat widget?

How can I optimize page speed while using Drift?

How do I create a Custom Attribute in Drift?

How to update a conversation status in Drift API?

How to Delete a User From The Drift Manage Teammates Page?

Where can I get coupon codes for Drift? Is there any active Drift Promo Code?

Looking for some helpful suggestions. Thanks!