How are you keeping your kids entertained during WFH?

I have a nine-month-old so juggling care for him and work has been interesting. I've been working more in the morning and at night and making the best of it. I'm remembering to get outside every day for a walk and take breaks to eat meals as a family. Also working on compiling resources for those of us at home with kids (below).

What are your tips? Any resources to share?

Resources for kids:

Keep your babies and toddlers busy with ideas here, here and here


  • Hi Gail! Not a parent myself, but my cousin just had an awesome idea for her daughter's birthday. I know there are probably tons of parents who are in the same shoes- cancelled parties, unable to go anywhere, etc. It can be hard to make the day feel special.

    BUT! My cousin coordinated with a few of her daughter's friends and they all decorated posters and signs and had a five car surprise parade drive by the house. The birthday girl was so happy! She got to wave to all of her friends, no one left their cars, and most importantly no one spread any germs.

    This isn't quite the same as keeping kids busy while working from home, but someone might find it helpful ☺️