Are you changing up your messaging right now?

If you're like me, your inbox has been flooded from every company you've ever given your email address to telling you how they're addressing COVID-19. Frankly, much of it is overwhelming and not too human. What's the best messaging you've seen? Including the email that's resonated with me most #b2human


  • A friend posted this on Linkedin and I found it to be an interesting & contrarian way to address the situation. His following are mostly hackers/founders/entrepreneurs, so thought it was clever to tap into the frustrations some have with the varying communication styles.

  • @Lindsay Angelo All of those openers are great and I absolutely love the Pomeranian line! 👏

  • @Lindsay Angelo - I also really like your idea to customize bot openers.

    Are you updating the messaging on your other marketing programs as well?

    It's a great time to take a fresh look at your messaging across channels, and see where you can apply learnings from chat and where you can provide more value to those working from home through digital content and other avenues.

  • I love companies and services that are cutting people a break when they can. Obviously it's not always possible, but when companies can and do make things a little easier for customers, it's really appreciated. Our own Insider Plus discount program was a really great example of this. The team slashed costs dramatically and plan to donate the rest to organizations that helping everyone through these really uncertain times.

  • Part of our business is staffing and recruiting, so I've been straddling the sensitivity line quite often. I'm using simple email messaging that's empathetic and supportive, like "How are you and your family doing? Has your job security been affected by COVID-19? We want to help..." It was a risk, because it's so blunt, but we have received nothing but positive, appreciative responses. I've seen so many messages tip-toeing around the state that we're in, but the world needs to call a spade a spade right now.