AMA: SEO, Paid Ads & Conversion Optimization

Hey everyone! 👋 My name's Bill King™️ and I work on Acquisition Marketing here at Drift. That means I'm focused on a few specific things: SEO, Paid Ads (SEM & Paid Social), and Conversion Optimization.

I'm so pumped about the Drift Insider Community! Starting my career, I had never even thought of marketing. That was until I started a baseball statistics blog at night just for fun (PS - I'm a nerd 😬 ), but couldn't get any traffic to my website. So I (literally) Google'd "How to get website traffic", spent MANY hours on old-school forums & reddit threads learning digital marketing after hours, and many years later here we are!

If you have questions on things like:

-Getting more organic traffic

-Getting more out of your paid search/social campaigns

-Converting more website traffic

-Building growth models

I'll be regularly checking this thread, so hit me with your tough questions and I'll do my best to help.


  • Bill! I have a question! Who do you think is absolutely crushing the B2B paid search & social game right now? I know we use a lot of B2C examples as marketers, but I'm interested if you've seen someone really innovate recently in B2B.

  • Bill King™
    edited March 2020

    @Sarah Frazier I've always admired Slack. Here's a few reasons why:

    1. This campaign (below) is not only simple and clear as to how you will benefit by buying Slack, it's also clear that by continuing to use it, the value of the product experience will increase. Not only buying it is a no-brainer, but the value increases over time. To me, that's really powerful.
    2. The time between initial intrigue to value realization (by being an active user) is almost zero. They remove all friction from that process. As soon as you get an emotional response from the ad, within a few clicks you're in the app and getting value.
    3. The product is also specifically designed for network effects, which means the product becomes more and more valuable as it grows in users. It's also got built in growth levers (invite friends, teammates, colleagues, clients) so marketplace dynamics kick in overdrive every time they have a successful TOFU campaign.
    4. Those network effects reduce reliance on paid marketing, which in turn makes for a better business. I'd recommend reading Andrew Chen's (former head of rider growth at Uber) article on why Paid Marketing sucks, and this article on why growth loops are replacing funnels.

  • Hey Bill! I know you're a paid social guru- so, I'm curious, what's the last social ad YOU clicked on and why?

  • Hey @[email protected] here's two I clicked on recently. This is a subscription service I tried last year, they not only use ads to acquire users, but they go so far as to segment their users by course tracks & interests, and then remarket to you if you get stuck at a certain point in your learning journey. They are running a lot of ads, so I assume they have made some assumptions about me from my user profile. Really cool, simple stuff that cuts right to the value prop. I cannot state how cool of a move this is, where you are not just concerned with someone buying it, but also pushing them to continue learning so you'll retain that user for many cycles.