Using Drift for Customers (not just leads) ???

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I'm having trouble finding much about helping existing customers with Drift. Aiding us with leads is great, but without the dive into really aiding our customers, staying with Drift is a hard sell.

I can use my own imagination to see how Drift directly translates from nurturing leads to aiding customers and trialists, but I'd love to have more concrete resources to share with my team.

Does anyone have experience helping their customers with Drift or have any resources that might point to this usage?

These are a few things I've gathered so far:

  • This is one page shows some info about using Drift for not only prospects (especially look down at the “What our customers are saying” area.)
  • Drift uses chat in their own login-required app
  • OnShape uses Drift in-app, namely for trialists, but offer the same/similar function we will for both trialists and customers

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