Remote Video-ing

Wanted to open up a discussion about how frequent video users are changing their tactics/getting by in such a remote world. Also open to hear what kind of content people are looking to see right now!


  • Hi Elizabeth!

    I left my whiteboard at the office so now I just make videos on my couch or walking around my kitchen on the mobile app. I've found that my videos get more engagement when I am my truest self and that people appreciate vulnerability on video.

  • I love Haylee's comment about authenticity! It's so important to be human- especially now and especially as a business. Everyone is working from home and as marketers we're all struggling to make sense of things. The LAST thing I want to watch is a super polished brand video. I'd rather see the reality and have honest open discussions about how other businesses are getting by. And, I think customers appreciate that honesty too!